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We source the latest innovations in technology lens designs and frames from around the world. We listen…We look…We learn… and provide the utmost care for all your EyeCare/EyeWear needs.

Assortment of Lenses

At Abasa Optical we carry an assortment of different lenses. If you require special needs lenses we can provide them for you! We also do contact...

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our in-house Optometrist Dr. Rohit Sachdeva provides all comprehensive Eye Exams.

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Stylish Frames

The ABASA Style Guide Now just who do we think we are to tell “YOU” what to wear? How presumptious.The only style we care about is the one you...

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The Abasa Experience…

You’re coming to us because you have your substance versus style ratio figured out. You’re looking for something that helps you look sizzling hot! Not just a 10 but a true 20/20!
We carry the usual stuff, lenses, frames , contact lenses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. We offer comprehensive eye exams in Clayton Heights (Hillcrest Village Mall, Surrey BC) for you and your family.
Honestly…if something looks good on you, we’ll tell you. If it doesn’t we’ll tell you too. We don’t fit our clients with a shoe-horn… we fit you with attention.

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I have been going to Abasa Optical for over 2 years......they provide excellent service, I broke my new glasses and they replaced them for right away.......They provide excellent service what glasses suited my face and gave their input ......have never been disappointed yet....

Ariful IslamValued Client

Just got my Mikli eye wear (third pair still to pick up) and loving them. Shirin is a gem absolutely the best in the business. I highly recommend her selection and services

Jana Vartanis
Jana VartanisValued Client
This world still does have amazingly generous people in it!  My son lost his glasses when out in the neighborhood doing a food drive for school. I turned to Facebook to hopefully find them although that has not happened!  I woke up to a message from the owner of Abasa optical here in Clayton saying that she would like to help us out and to give her a call! So this morning I did just that! she was able to get My son in the next day to get an updated eye exam and new glasses and when I walked in with for his appointment she offered to do My daughters exam at the same time since she was due! Then she helped My son pick out his new glasses and when he could decide she got him both pairs! Her kindness and generosity has overwhelmed me! So if you are in the market for new glasses or an eye exam I highly recommend her place
Jenn MValued Client
Shirin Kamruddin
Shirin Kamruddin
Optician Abasa Optical
Dr. Rohit Sachdeva O.D.
Dr. Rohit Sachdeva O.D.
Hillcrest Village Optometry

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