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The ABASA Experience Your Eyes...Your Style...

You're coming to us because you have your substance versus style ratio figured out. You're looking for something that helps you see and makes you look sizzling hot!

Not just a 10 but a true 20/20!

We carry the usual stuff, lenses, frames, contacts, sunglasses, and reading glasses. We offer comprehensive eye exams in Clayton Heights (Hillcrest Mall, Surrey BC) for you and your family.

We have a ridiculously awesome selection of designer frames you’ve never heard of. You'll be spoiled for choices, and you'll be spoiled with our services in fitting the prescription that is made just for you.

Honestly… if something looks good on you, we'll tell you. If it doesn't, we'll tell you too. We don't fit our clients with a shoe-horn… we fit you with attention.

Fit is a pretty big deal. Not only does the eyewear need to express who you are but above all it has to “fit-fit” as in comfortably and symmetrically for as long as you own your eyewear.

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